Partnerships: Key to Success

Establishing strategic partnerships will be at the forefront of our business development efforts. We seek to establish and nurture a network of Strategic Partners to share in the value we are creating with our revolutionary technologies. Our executive team has extensive experience in creating and managing strategic technology partnerships. We aim to work side-by-side with partners to refine and scale our production technologies and develop world-class products with our carbon nanoparticles. Together we will build solid, thriving platforms that will make large and lasting contributions to a more sustainable future.

We believe partnerships will allow us to substantially accelerate our development and commercialization efforts. Moreover, resources can be more efficiently brought to bear in a more timely way on the challenges we will face going forward. Such partnerships will allow us to exploit powerful synergies.

We are open to a wide range of partnerships including joint development programs, research collaborations, and joint ventures. Our focus is on building value together and sharing it fairly. If you are interested in partnering with Nanoplazz Technologies, please contact us.

Current Partnerships

Laboratory of Molecular Imaging Probes
DepartMassachusettsment of Radiology
University of Medical School
Worcester, MA